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The Beth Chronicles

Volume II - Adolescence

Beth McMillan
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Beth McMillan is a mainly cake-based life form, who resides in some anachronistic part of Sussex, England. In her less-than-copious spare time she enjoys knitting, reading and spontaneously bursting into song. Kaylee from Firefly is her ultimate hero-cum-crush, which might be a little on the narcissistic side, as her brother insists that they are in fact the same person. Beth writes absurdly bad fanfiction, tries very hard at all times to remain aloof and mysterious, and thinks Stephen Fry has the sexiest voice of any sentient being in the galaxy. This is not the reason why she watches Pocoyo, however, since she actually enjoys the existential themes and strong moral messages. She collects Sharpies, mannerisms and second-hand Terry Pratchett paperbacks. Her favourite hobby is procrastination, or it will be when she gets around to doing it.

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"little men", "thus", 36, acrylic yarn, aimee mann, androgyny, ankhs, armsocks, atic atak, bare feet, beads, beautiful things, being outdoors, biology, bisexuality in mainstream television, blond guys, boys and girls, boys in eyeliner, bright colours, bubblewrap, butterflies, charity shop clothes, cherries, chivalry, chocolate brownies, cinemas, clangers, corrugated cardboard, craftiness, creating words, customization, dictionaries, doctor who, draco malfoy, dreaming, dungarees, embroidery floss, emus, esperanto, exploring, eyebrows, fabric shops, faeries, fangirling, felt, ford prefect, freedom, futurama, german grammar, glam!puppies, glow-in-the-dark things, goldfish, grass, green nail varnish, harry and the potters, hermione, heroicism, holidays in france, html, independence, indie rock, individuality, insects, irregular spelling, isoceles triangles, jacob marley's chains, jam, javascript, jules verne, kneesocks, knitting, lentils, libraries, liquorice, macrame, magnolia, minor keys, mischievous pixies, murderous intentions, music, mysteriousness, paranoid androids, peacocks, peter pan, piccolos, pine trees, pink hair, pixel text, playing, poi, pretty faces, rainbows, reading, red, redemption, redheads, resourcefulness, rhyming, roses, scribbling endlessly in notebooks, second-hand bookshops, sherlock holmes, skate ramps, slash, sleeping, snape, sparkles, spiders, spirals, spontaneously bursting into song, sprites, stephen fry, superextrahypergravitymode, tamsin greig, tara maclay, tarot cards, teacosies with irony, that thing you do, the talented mr. ripley, theorems, thesauri, three, ticking watches, tim curry, tomboyishness, tomboys, too-small t-shirts, triangle numbers, vegetarianism, wendy moira angela darling, wet mornings, willow rosenburg, writing essays, zaphod beeblebrox, π